February 2010 Rebuilding America


Renovating America

How can we build better bridges, highways and water mains? With new tech, including superconducting power lines, no-dig water pipes, and self-healing pavement. By Adam M. Bright

Pixel Qi: The LCD Screen That Could Finally Kill Paper For Good

Mary Lou Jepsen, the engineer behind the “$100 laptop” initiative, has perfected an LCD screen that could finally mean the death of paper. By Lauren Aaronson

The Mind Readers

Neuroscientists can reconstruct mental images—like the hamburger you’re picturing—using a common brain scanner and complex math. Reading your thoughts may well be next. By Lisa Katayama

Scary Science

To fear or not to fear: next-gen nukes, cyborg beetles, and a drug that makes you trust total strangers. We uncover the truth behind creepy research. By Jason Daley

Green Dream: Swappable Switches

Learn from PopSci’s staff photog as he constructs a home packed with eco-innovations. This month: Radio-controlled light switches to save energy easily. By John B. Carnett


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