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The 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid Car

Honda’s new hybrid teaches you how to save gas (check out the video!)

From the US PopSci team

Aggressive driving -- lead-footed acceleration, speeding, excessive braking -- can slash highway fuel economy by 33 percent, according to estimates. Honda's Insight hybrid, arriving in the US in April, softens the effects of wasteful driving and tells you when you're indulging in bad habits.

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Riding in the Rain: Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor Concept

Peugeot looks toward a future of fuel-efficient, all-weather scooters replacing cars for short, urban jaunts

Quick, name a car with three-wheel drive. Okay, trick question; this isn't quite a car, but Peugeot's idea of a fuel-efficient all-weather runabout. The HYmotion3 Compressor Concept foresees a hybrid vehicle in more ways than one: part gasoline-, part electric-powered; part car, part scooter. The French automaker says it offers the stability of a trike with the protection of a safety cell similar to that which supports occupants of a Smart car.

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Pumping Up With Nitrogen

How much does what's in your tires affect mileage?

Dear EarthTalk: Is using nitrogen to inflate my car's tires really better for the environment than using air? And if so, how? -- Roger Mawdsley, Abbotsville, BC

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A More Efficient Hybrid

Reusing exhaust makes for a cleaner, more capable engine

One of the first things Eric Mattessich discovered in engineering school was that the typical internal combustion engine blows about 70 percent of the energy it creates straight out of the tailpipe in the form of heat. So, he wondered, could he adapt the kind of heat-recapturing mechanisms used to make powerplants more efficient to work on hybrid cars? “The technology has been around since the 1900s,” he points out. “It’s just that no one has put it into such a small package before.”

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Hands-On: GM’s 2009 Silverado Hybrid

The Toolmongers take a hybrid beast out for a spin

Think battery power and regenerative braking are only for granola-eating hippies? Think again. GM was kind enough to give us a little time with their new-for-2009 (read: available in the first half of next year) Silverado hybrid. And we tried something you can’t do with a Prius: We tooled around town with three people onboard — and a 20′ SeaRay boat out back.

But is this an option for which you’ll ante up a couple grand next year? Read on past the jump for our hands-on experiences and video footage.

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The Science of Changing Your Oil

What kind and how often is best for your car and your planet?

Dear EarthTalk: How often do I really need to change my car's oil? Conventional wisdom has always put it at every 3,000 miles to prevent engine wear, but isn't changing oil that frequently wasteful and unnecessary? Also, what is the "greenest" and longest-lasting oil I should use?
-- Vic Roberts, Lincoln, MA

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A Car That Drives You (to Save Gas)

Nissan's ECO-pedal provides tactile feedback whenever drivers accelerate in a fuel-wasting manner

Your car is going to drive you to work someday. Until then, car makers are experimenting with ideas that take control away from you in subtle, helpful ways – mostly to help increase fuel efficiency.

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