Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:37 AM May 4 2015
Energy // 

Could a battery big enough to power your whole home be coming to market soon? Yes, says Elon Musk. More than that, he says it will change the world. Rumors have swirled for weeks about a new announcement from Tesla, with onlookers around the world latching onto any crumb of information from the electric car company. CEO Elon Musk kept the suspense level high, promising that on Thursday he would reveal 'The Missing Piece' of the energy equation.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 12:38 PM Apr 24 2015
Energy // 

On March 30, Elon Musk sent out this tweet:

Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 09:35 AM Mar 19 2015
Cars // 

I hopped into the back seat of the new Tesla Model S P85D as it was headed out onto the track at Portland International Raceway. Eric Peterson, our driver and the founder of Dream Drives for Kids turned to make sure we were all strapped in. Gideon, a recent patient at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, was ready in the passenger seat; his little sister Leah was belted into a car seat between me and the kids' mom. Peterson helped Gideon count down: 5…4…3…2…

at 08:13 AM Feb 4 2015
Cars // 

If you're a Tesla Model S owner, you're already part of a technologically elite crowd, so it's hardly out of the question that you might be in the market for an Apple Watch when the wearable device ships this April. But you might be further enticed by an app that promises to connect the two technologies. Thanks to an app developed by ELEKS, you may one day be able to control your Tesla right from your wrist.

Anthony Fordham
at 09:57 AM Dec 10 2014
Cars // 

Last night, Tesla Motors opened its showroom in Artarmon, Sydney and delivered the first nine Model S cars to Australian buyers. Yes, after what feels like a decade (but was actually a little under two years) the world's favourite high-performance, fully-electric sedan is here. And at a price surprisingly close to parity with the US.

Rebecca Boyle
at 03:49 AM Feb 15 2013
Cars // 

Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, potential Bond villain, possible Iron Man ally - is in a very public spat with the New York Times. After the paper published a less-than-flattering account of a chilly road trip in the Tesla Model S electric supercar, Musk took to Twitter to accuse the writer of falsifying his account to make a better story. Now he's written a lengthy blog post, replete with maps and annotations, which jointly accuse Times writer John M. Broder of making things up.

Nick Gilbert
at 14:16 PM Jun 25 2012
Tech // 

In what is hope by many (not least Tesla) to be a shot in the arm of the burgeoning electric car industry, the weekend saw the first premium electric sedan released to the American market, with it due to arrive on Australian shores mid next year.

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