jetBlue?s Ridiculously Good Deal

Unlimited travel for US$599. Believe it!

If only jetBlue flew in Australia. Alas, the budget domestic American carrier does not, but if you are going to be in the States between September 8 and October 8 this year, check out this deal. For US$599 you can fly anywhere you want on their network! Unlimited flights during that month with only a few small and very reasonable catches. Just book three days minimum before the flight you intend to take and you?re golden so long as the flight isn?t already booked out. That shouldn?t be a problem though if you book early.

That got us thinking. If you really wanted to do the US in a whirlwind tour, why not just take up the offer and fly somewhere new every second day. What do you think about the offer? Would you take it up? And where would you go?

Virgin Blue, JetStar, Qantas, any thoughts on a local promo similar to this?

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