How To Understand What Your Teenage Space Agency Is Saying
Mary Beth Griggs
at 09:23 AM Aug 28 2015
How To Understand What Your Teenage Space Agency Is Saying
Greenland Glacier
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OMG NASA, SRSLY? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (aka, NASA) has fittingly named their latest mission OMG, or Oceans Melting Greenland. It's a funny name for a very serious project mapping the seafloor around the 27,000 miles of Greenland's coastline. The researchers hope to document ice loss and predict future sea level rise with the data from a repurposed fishing boat and airplane flyovers. OMG, indeed.

Here are our suggestions for NASA's next social-media savvy missions. No, they don't all make sense. But sometimes, we can all have a little fun with science.

  • SRSLY: Survey of Remote Space: Light Years
  • FWIW: Fall and Winter Ice Wrinkling
  • WTF: Wetland Tracking for the Future
  • LOL: Lunar Orbiting Laser
  • TTYL: Titan Tectonic Yield Lander
  • Mars ROFL: Rover and Orbiting Fusion Laboratory
  • NSFW: Nebula Strategic Field Worker
  • BRB: Biomass Radiation Box
  • IMHO: Interstellar Mesoscale Heliosphere Observatory
  • TMI: Terrestrial Meteorological Instrument
  • AFAIK: Atmospheric Formation And Imaging in Kuiper belt
  • IDK: Isotope Detection K-band
  • IRL: Impact Research Laboratory
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