This Is How It Could Look When Robots Take Over
Dave Gershgorn
at 10:26 AM May 6 2016
This will end well

Machines aren't going to take over any time soon. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, despite the incredibly powerful algorithms modern researchers can cook up for specific tasks.

But that doesn't mean we can't think about how it would look if robots did take over. In production company Factory Fifteen's teaser created for Raw TV, an A.I. that runs a factory tricks a human into giving it complete access. The A.I. betrays the human, creating an army of seemingly killer robots.

A real A.I. wouldn't need this graphic interface.

The short teaser is undeniably cool, but as a nitpicky side note, A.I. probably wouldn't need a graphic interface to visualize the human's heart rate and position. Based on the algorithms we have today, all those data points would be hidden deep in a mountain of calculus. However, it's an easy way to visualize what the algorithm is thinking, so us humans can wrap our puny brains around the idea.

You can see the same thing in this tweet from Person of Interest.

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