Watch A Guy Fly A Homemade Hoverbike Around His Backyard
Kelsey D. Atherton
at 16:04 PM Apr 30 2016
Watch A Guy Fly A Homemade Hoverbike Around His Backyard
Colin Furze Hoverbike
Screenshot by author, from YouTube

The United Kingdom might have a mad scientist problem. Or at least, a mad engineer one. Colin Furze, a YouTuber who seems to have unlimited energy for creating working versions of science fictional devices, made a thermite-hurling fire cannon last month. Now, with sponsorship from Ford, it seems he's expanded his repertoire to hoverbikes.

Furze's bike is basic: two rotors provide lift, and steering it appears to be as much about the direction he leans as anything else. He doesn't wear a helmet in the video, which isn't advised, though he's also making a backyard hoverbike, which is plenty dangerous to begin with.

While Furze's hoverbike is a garage-built oddity, there's been military interest in machines like it for half a century, and the Pentagon even appears to be developing one. Moving troops quickly through the air and over obstacles, with heavy machine guns or anti-tank missiles, is a great way to give enemies a nasty surprise.

Surely Furze, with a reputation for backyard ballistics, wouldn't attempt something similar on his flying bike made out of blades, would he?

Haha, just kidding, of course he did. Check out the full development over at Gizmodo, and watch Furze futz about on his wobbly hoverbike below:

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