These Leaked Photos Might Be Samsung's Galaxy S7
Xavier Harding
at 09:45 AM Feb 10 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 Leak?
Droid Life (via ReviewDao)
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The Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is still a mystery, but the fog is clearing. The company revealed their Galaxy S6 smartphone last year back in March and followed with updates to the Galaxy Note and Tab mobile products. Now the company's ready with the 2016 version of the flagship phone: the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now that the South Korean phone-maker has gotten its washing machines and refrigerators out of the way, Sammie is almost ready to lift the veil off of its top contender in the phone race for 2016. But that hasn't stopped the internet from lifting the veil itself. Thanks to the folks at ReviewDao (by way of Droid Life), we've got a preview of what to expect from the next Samsung flagship device. Hint: it looks a lot like Samsung's last flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaked Image
Droid Life (via Weibo)
The phone pictured could potentially follow up Samsung's Galaxy S6 smartphone. The return of the plastic back could come with a sleek all-black option.

The two above pictures are purportedly what Samsung/Android users can expect from the company at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The overall design language of Samsung's Galaxy S"X" phones remains: the camera in the top middle, the rounded-rectangle home button and signature Android back and menu buttons. Where this one differs is in the all-black design and the plastic shell--the Galaxy S6 brought a back panel made of glass to the smartphone line. If these Galaxy S7 leaked photos are legitimate, the South Korean maker may return to making its phones out of plastic.

While we may have (possibly) seen the Galaxy S7 early, release date and official specs remain to be seen. The shot above of the device's settings screen depicts a potential 6GB of RAM, but official details remain to be seen. Though with many betting on the company revealing their S7 device at MWC at the end of February, we may not have to wait long before we find out.

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