Apple's iMessage Is Getting A Ton Of New Features
Dave Gershgorn
at 11:02 AM Jun 15 2016
Apple's iMessage Is Getting A Ton Of New Features
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Apple is opening up their messaging platform to developers, so you can do things like pay a friend with SquareCash, send a custom sticker, or collaboratively order food.

iMessage Apps

Expanded Links

Media like music and links to websites are finally going to look better in iMessage. The app will pull in previews of that you can play or view from within the app.

Apple's iMessage is getting extended links, automatic emoji, and better picture-sharing options in iOS 10.

Bigger and Smarter Emoji

Emoji will be three times larger. Everyone loves emoji. They'll also get easier to use, as iMessages will now look at what you're typing and suggest some relevant emoji.

Fullscreen Animations

Spice up a few of your messages with an explosion of sound and color, that take up the entire iMessage window. (This will probably annoy everyone.)

Writing On Images

You'll be able to take pictures without leaving iMessage (the keyboard turns into the camera window), and then write a message on the picture you take.

Invisible Ink, Hidden Photos

Write a message or send a photo that is initially obscured, and the person receiving the message will use their finger to reveal it. This will certainly be used inappropriately.

Handwritten Text

Show all your friends your terrible handwriting, by writing them a personal note instead of typing.

Plus, iMessage will have full end-to-end encryption. Talk about an update, huh?

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