Motorola looking to offer 3D mobile phones

We’ve said it before, but for dramatic effect we’ll say it again: 2010 is the year of 3D. And while TV manufacturers are currently vying for your attention as to why their particular 3D TV flavour is better than the rest, at least one mobile phone manufacturer is looking to bring 3D to your pocket.

Engadget is reporting the news that Motorola has submitted a patent for a 3D flip phone. The idea is quite simple and the flip functionality looks to be integral to the implementation of 3D: with the phone open you see a 2D onscreen image, but when closed you’ll see 3D by way of the transparent lid.

Another image included with the patent application also shows a similar logic (transparent screen over the main phone screen) applied to a slider phone. Only time will tell if the Motorola 3D mobile phone can truly wow prospective purchasers or whether it turns out to be gimmicky.

Let us know if you like the idea of a 3D phone in the comments section below.

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