Things that really shouldn’t have jet engines

There’s something slightly wrong with a toilet that has a jet engine strapped to it…

Our partners in crime at Gizmodo Australia have come up with a list of things that really shouldn’t have jet engines attached to them. While one would think that this is, perhaps, a list that belongs in the ‘waste of time’ category, we would have to disagree. After all, people are actually attaching jet engines to things such as bicycles, roller blades, canoes, wheelchairs, and… toilets!

Gizmodo Australia really has done us a bit of a favour here. Take a look at the videos and images after clicking on the link and and take note: DO NOT ATTACH JET ENGINES TO ANY OF THESE ITEMS! And if you see anyone attaching a jet engine to any of the items shown, get the hell of of their way!

Story from Gizmodo Australia

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