Fitness // 

If you’re thinking a fitness tracker is going to help you lose weight, research says the tracker may actually impede …

G. Clay Whittaker at 11:39 AM Sep 23 2016
Fitness // 

It’s hard to keep friends around when you reek, so most of us wear antiperspirant or deodorant to suppress that …

Alexandra Ossola at 09:37 AM Feb 5 2016
Fitness // 

You might not know it, but your sweat is pretty valuable. The varying chemical concentrations in sweat reveal your …

Alexandra Ossola at 08:37 AM Jan 28 2016
Fitness // 

Ah, the first few weeks of January. It’s that magical time when the gyms are still packed and you haven’t gotten …

Mary Beth Griggs at 15:48 PM Jan 13 2016
Fitness // 

The Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN), an organization founded to help combat obesity, will be disbanding after …

Claire Maldarelli at 08:49 AM Dec 4 2015
Fitness // 

After decades of research, the tragic suicides of several former pro football players, and even a movie, we are …

Alexandra Ossola at 08:48 AM Dec 4 2015
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