Dan Nosowitz
at 11:52 AM Feb 20 2012
Happy Valentine’s Week! Have a space rose. Or a cube that tells you the weather outside by touch, that’s a good gift, right? Or the tiniest most adorable chameleon ever found, or… you know what, just click through and check out the most amazing images of the week.
Rose Pastore
at 12:15 PM Feb 16 2012
Popular Science’s history isn’t all flying cars and geodesic domes. Readers of the past liked to have fun, too! Unfortunately, their opportunities to do so, as far as we can tell, were somewhat limited.An 1892 issue of the magazine spells out the purpose of games, in case you didn’t know: “They afford needful relaxation to the mind, pleasant diversions to the invalid and afflicted, promoting acquaintance and fellowship.”Here are ten games that range from mildly exciting to about as f
Corinne Iozzio
at 11:53 AM Feb 16 2012
Every month we search far and wide to bring you a dozen of the best new ideas in gear. These gadgets are the first, the best and the latest. Check out the gallery below to get the first look at what consumer technology has brought us this month.
Corinne Iozzio
at 10:37 AM Feb 16 2012
As one commenter for last year’s annual US Toy Fair wrap-up pointed out, there was once a time when Lincoln Logs were considered a cutting-edge toy. It’s never been clearer, though, that the heyday of the analogue toy has long-since passed.Half of the playthings that caught our attention require an iOS or Android device to do anything. But, in adapting an already-powerful handset as the brains behind anything from a toy gun to a board game, today’s crop of toys are able to become more capable an
Dan Nosowitz
at 13:54 PM Feb 13 2012
There are lots of amazing images in this week’s roundup; there’s the likely discovery of a massive former ocean on Mars, there’s a purple squirrel, there’s an entire library of LEGO pieces, and lots more.
Geoff Manaugh
at 12:27 PM Feb 13 2012
Playgrounds are competing for kids’ time and losing. Nearly 25 per cent of children ages 9 through 13 have no free time for physical activity, and a child is six times as likely to play a videogame as to ride a bike. The playgrounds of tomorrow must offer something that even the most enticing virtual offerings cannot: real spaces that look at least as amazing as anything virtual. Architects and design firms are remaking the playground by taking virtualisation head on. These spaces are comp
Ollie Bland
at 11:42 AM Feb 13 2012
Some of the most brilliant and successful toy creators ever talk about their ultimate toy – setting aside money, safety, and the very laws of physics.We asked the driving forces behind toys like K’Nex, LEGO, Tickle Me Elmo, and Nerf to really explore their craziest impulses – and man, did they come up with some craziness.
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