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“The first true internal combustion engine was undoubtedly the cannon,” Popular Science

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:37 AM Oct 12 2016
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Robots, too, can be bad drivers. As the world prepares for the coming future of driverless cars, there are bound to …

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:40 AM Sep 27 2016
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Carpool lanes are for cars with multiple passengers, but a new lane type might make room for cars with no drivers, …

G. Clay Whittaker at 11:39 AM Sep 23 2016
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A delivery van is a tiny warehouse on wheels. Away from the conveyor belts and simple machines of a warehouse, …

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:39 AM Sep 23 2016
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Semcon, a product development company specializing in how humans actually use things, conducted a study on people’s …

Kristen Hall-Geisler at 11:39 AM Sep 23 2016
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Driving is deadly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 32,500 people died on America’s …

Kelsey D. Atherton at 12:06 PM Sep 1 2016
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More than ever, car makers and transportation are finding ways to incorporate automated driving into their product …

Xavier Harding at 11:20 AM Aug 31 2016
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