Australia is preparing for war. Not any war in particular, we just want to be ready for the next conflict. And that means gearing up with new tech for urban combat… Plus!

Can our civilisation’s vision for the future of electrical power generation ever be more than just “renewables!” or “not renewables!”? Our massive cover feature should give you… at least some clue.

Our annual Best of What’s New issue, packed with every innovation from 2017 that’s worth knowing about. From engineering to aerospace, medicine to machinery, toys to tools, it’s the ultimate cheat sheet for the future.

Time heals all wounds. And that’s the least it does for your body. Turns out, without our internal body clocks, we’d all be in serious trouble. So how can taking control of your “me time” at a biological level improve your health? Plus…

Asteroids are full of money! Well, they’re full of resources that can be turned into money, but new economic models show that Earth may not see a cent of this sky-bounty. Why? Plus…

From the very big to the very small, we look at technology’s extremes. Giant ships, nanotech, it’s all here. Because size is just a matter of perspective. Plus…

Jetting to London faster than the speed of sound. The technology exists, heck the military uses it all the time. So why can’t we? Is it just a matter of regulation, or sometihng else? Does supersonic air travel have a future for ordinary folks… or will it remain the exclusive domain of the rich?

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