Jason Lederman
at 12:27 PM Feb 18 2016

There's been a lot of debate lately over about whether Twitter is a dying site. Two weeks ago the company announced it was forming a Trust And Safety Council to combat the abuse Twitter has come to be known for, and that came just one day before revealing its poor (though not as poor as predicted) Q4 earnings.

Dave Gershgorn
at 08:29 AM Feb 11 2016

Twitter, the social media service built around a reverse-chronological list of posts, is switching things around.

Xavier Harding
at 09:36 AM Feb 10 2016

There are a multitude of ways to consume video content online. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and more have offered more ways than ever to binge shows and movies over the internet in legal fashion. For those looking to watch shows online that aren't easily available, many turn to torrenting. While using torrents for large file downloads isn't illegal in itself, there are a multitude of websites that offer illegal copies of films and TV shows, among them, The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents (Before we go any further, it's worth mentioning that Popular Science does not endorse illegally downloading anything.)

Jason Lederman
at 09:37 AM Feb 5 2016

The world's most popular social network turns 12 today. To celebrate, Facebook has declared today “Friends Day,” and released a few new tools it says are designed to help “further encourage our community to rally around their friends today.” They're basically just simple diversions, but they really show the size and scale of how big Facebook has become in a dozen years.

Xavier Harding
at 10:35 AM Feb 3 2016

Google's Gmail has surpassed a billion users. The search company's Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai announced the milestone during the Google/Alphabet earnings call this afternoon. This marks the seventh Google property to reach the milestone. Gmail follows in the footsteps of Android, Chrome, Maps, Search, Youtube and the Google Play Store in reaching over one billion people.

Dave Gershgorn
at 08:37 AM Jan 28 2016

When IBM's Deep Blue computer beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the world noticed. Machine had bested man, in a game of man's own design. The rules for what machines could do had changed.

Annabel Edwards
at 11:23 AM Jan 22 2016

The temperature hovered around freezing in New York City on Tuesday evening and my exposed hands were started to go numb, turning clumsy and slow in the cold. My phone's battery was sluggish in the frigid air, and the screen was lagging. My internet connection, however, was flying.

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