Behold What Brooklyn's New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like
Carl Franzen
at 08:42 AM Apr 22 2016
Rendering of the new supertall Brooklyn skyscraper 9 DeKalb Avenue
SHoP architects
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New York City is lousy with skyscrapers, but there aren't actually that many really supertall buildings, (defined as over 984 feet) in the increasingly gentrifying borough of Brooklyn (where I, one of the gentrifying hordes, call home). Now, one such supertall building is officially on its way: 9 DeKalb Avenue, a proposed 73-story condo tower rising 1,066 feet, whose design was first unveiled earlier this year, has officially been approved for construction in Downtown Brooklyn by the powerful New York City Landmarks Commission, as The New York Times reports.

Compare that to the current tallest building in Brooklyn — the Hub, which is still under construction and also located nearby — which measures a puny 607 feet tall. Also notable: 9 DeKalb is going to be constructed atop a bank that opened in 1908.

Is this feat of engineering and luxury real estate a literal sign of the times? Yes, especially since the design of the building, created by SHoP architects, is so stark and modern and different from the surrounding architecture, it looks almost like an electronic glitch. That said, "the Glitchtower" does have a nice, futuristic, appropriately ironic ring to it.

[H/T: Gothamist]

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