Space // 

The pictures just keep coming from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft. The latest is a stunning closeup of the informally...

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:35 AM Jan 15 2016
Space // 

Beamed across billions of miles and a very narrow bandwidth, the latest images from the Pluto flyby were worth ...

Sarah Fecht at 09:37 AM Jul 27 2015
Space // 

We were stunned last week when the Pluto flyby revealed that the dwarf planet has

Space // 

When I was growing up, there were nine planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, ...

Sarah Fecht at 09:42 AM Jul 20 2015
Space // 

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft completed its flyby of Pluto three days ago, but the most incredible views of the ...

Sarah Fecht and Carl Franzen at 09:42 AM Jul 20 2015
Space // 

The first detailed images of Pluto's surface ever captured are in, and they don't disappoint. The dwarf planet's ...

Carl Franzen at 12:33 PM Jul 16 2015
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