Space // 

If we want to find alien life in our solar system, Jupiter's icy moon Europa is one of the best places to look for ...

Sarah Fecht at 14:43 PM Feb 13 2017

After a five-year voyage, NASA's Juno spacecraft began orbiting Jupiter on Monday at 8:53 PM Pacific Time. Its ...

Meaghan Lee Callaghan at 10:42 AM Jul 6 2016
Space // 

Huge, endless auroras cap Jupiter's poles, now brought into better view by Hubble's latest image.

Samantha Cole at 11:51 AM Jul 1 2016
Space // 

Europa, Jupiter's frigid moon, may not look very welcoming from the outside. But it's what's inside that counts, and ...

Sarah Fecht at 09:37 AM Jun 19 2015

On Monday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden gave an exciting update on the state of America's space agency, ...

Loren Grush at 07:34 AM Feb 10 2015
Space // 

When the Hubble Telescope snapped this true-color image in April, NASA scientists found Jupiter staring ...

Francie Diep at 10:18 AM Oct 29 2014
Tech // 

Despite its gusty reputation as a "gas giant," Jupiter's blood-red clouds hide a dense, rocky core that's perhaps 20 ...

Sally Younger at 00:00 AM Aug 24 2013
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