Kelsey D. Atherton
at 11:19 AM May 25 2016

Now in its sixth season, HBO's long-running dark fantasy hit “Game of Thrones” is as bloody as it is expansive. With action sprawling continents and many fronts within continents, it can be a bit hard to place everything in context, so the show's iconic opening credits redraw the world every episode, highlighting important locales in neat, mechanical miniature. It is as though the continent of Westeros itself is a living, breathing participant in the great wars that ravage its surface. So what better way to replicate that universe than with a living, transforming, slime mold?

Xavier Harding
at 10:24 AM Apr 15 2016

Game Of Thrones season six doesn't make its way back to HBO until April 24, but you can still consume Westeros content if Facebook has anything to say about it. At the company's F8 developer conference over in California, panel attendees got a glimpse of the beloved Game Of Thrones theme song and opening map in virtual reality. More accurately, how it looks as a 360-degree video.

By Dave Gershgorn and Sarah Fecht
at 09:55 AM Nov 24 2015

Spoilers ahead for those who aren't caught up,​ but last season of Game of Thrones ended with a true Caesar ​outcome​ for all-around-hero (and potential Azor Ahai) Jon Snow. But unlike Caesar, today HBO teased the ​apparent​ resurrection of the character in the show's April Season 6 premiere. That plotline might be as far-fetched in reality as it may seem, but to find out, we spoke to one optimistic startup company called Humai, that is pursuing actual resurrection for human beings with a target of the next 30 years.

Sarah Fecht
at 11:04 AM Aug 13 2015
Space // 

Up to now, the International Astronomical Union has been kind of a party pooper when it comes to planetary bodies. They demoted Pluto. Later, they stopped one of Pluto's moons from being named after everybody's favorite Star Trek: OS character. Then they scolded the startup Uwingu for soliciting creative names for exoplanets from the public, instead sticking with more official names such as PSR B1620-26 b and HD 209458 b. Catchy, right?

Sarah Fecht
at 10:05 AM Oct 28 2014

We’ve been telling you all along that the Rosetta mission is incredible—the spacecraft has traveled for 10 years and some 250 million miles, and on November 12, it’ll become the first spacecraft ever to land on a comet. Now it appears that Aidan Gillen, the guy who plays ‘Littlefinger’ on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is also getting behind the mission. In a sci-fi short named Ambition, Gillen's character explains why Rosetta is awesome.

Alissa Zhu
at 11:11 AM Sep 29 2014
Science // 

165: number of pounds Lonesome George weighed at the time of his death, before scientists stuffed and mounted him for display.

Rafi Letzter
at 09:10 AM Sep 26 2014
Science // 

Desperate for details as you wait for the next installment in Game of Thrones? You're in luck. In what may be the first mathematics paper to include a spoiler alert, a New Zealand statistician has come up with a model to predict what's coming up in the final two (or three) Song Of Ice And Fire novels.

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