Incredible New 4K Timelapse from the ISS
Lindsay Handmer
at 08:43 AM Sep 12 2014
Incredible New 4K Timelapse from the ISS
ISS Timelapse
Alexander Gerst
Space // 

Astronauts on the International Space Station have already made some stunning timelapses, but the latest from Alexander Gerst is particularly good. In fact, it's probably enough of a reason to upgrade to a 4K monitor all by itself.

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst is currently spending 5 and a half months living and working on the ISS for his Blue Dot mission.  The timelapse is made from a sequence of images taken once per second. Playback is at 25 frames a second, so everything you see looks 25 times faster than what the ISS crew experience. The artistic effects you see are made by superimposing images and fading them out slowly. 



[Gizmodo, ESA]

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