iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 4S Before You Can Even Buy One
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:05 AM Oct 14 2011
iPhone 4S, Sans Battery
Mobile // 

Our friends at iFixithave, as is their wont, gotten and subsequently taken apart the Gadget of the Moment before anyone else has even seen one in person. This time, it's the iPhone 4S.

So far, the iPhone 4S hasn't revealed too many secrets; opening up its still-annoying custom pentalobe screws reveal that new dual-core A5 processor and an upgraded Qualcomm chipset, but not much else new. The teardown is worth reading, though - iFixit's typically wry sense of humor is showing itself in the form of new "digital personal assistant" Siri lecturing and then pleading with the iFixit folks to stop taking her body apart. The teardown is still in progress, so you can follow along over at iFixit.

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