Drones // 

At the close of the Global Fortune Forum in Guangzhou on Dec. 7, the event's hosts set a world record for the ...

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer at 10:46 AM Jan 9 2018
Tech // 

On Wednesday the 23rd of July, a team of UNSW students successfully attempted to break a 26 year old world speed ...

Lindsay Handmer at 14:16 PM Jul 25 2014
Tech // 

It hasn't nabbed the Sikorsky Prize yet, but it looks like a new world record: the Gamera II team at the University ...

Dan Nosowitz at 03:23 AM Jun 26 2012
Energy // 

Unless you're disputing the world record in the 100-metre dash or a buzzer-beater in basketball, a single second is ...

Clay Dillow at 05:59 AM Jan 20 2012
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