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  Labor Day weekend delivered record-breaking temperatures to California as a heat wave swept the state, ...

Jeremy Deaton at 14:26 PM Sep 7 2017
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From a Chinese satellite drifting through suborbital space, a laser beamed pairs of entangled photons to two ...

Sophie Bushwick at 09:30 AM Jun 17 2017
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Think Eastern Australian got blasted by a record-breaking heatwave in the last couple of weeks? Spare a thought for ...

Jeremy Deaton at 11:13 AM Feb 22 2017
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People have just won that ridiculous, record-breaking US$579.9 million Powerball jackpot. Two people, even! But you ...

Colin Lecher at 04:00 AM Nov 30 2012

Gary Connery broke the record today for skydiving sans parachute and also, presumably, took home a gold medal in ...

Colin Lecher at 08:18 AM May 24 2012
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