David Dunbar
at 10:16 AM Mar 2 2016
Gaming // 

Let's just say I'm no Mark Watney. The hero of Ridley Scott's film The Martian knew how to survive alone on Mars after his crew left him for dead and blasted off on their journey back to Earth. Watney, an astronaut-botanist played by Matt Damon, figured out how to repair his space helmet, jury-rig a power source, build a greenhouse, and grow potatoes in sterile soil—a real Martian MacGyver.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:51 AM Oct 21 2015
Nature // 

Usually, when scientists find a new species of plant or animal, they get the honor of naming their discovery. That's how we've ended up with lizards named Smaug, dinosaurs named Wendy, and even a flower named after Mark Watney. It's a lovely, long-standing tradition, but now some scientists are giving up the opportunity in order to raise money for beloved causes.

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