Andrew Rosenblum
at 09:17 AM Mar 10 2016

Last fall, NextVR made history, broadcasting the Golden State Warriors' home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans in 3D VR. Starting tomorrow at Madison Square Garden, the Southern California company will embark on its second major event: live streaming more than 15 hours of the Big East men's basketball tournament in VR.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:48 AM Jun 5 2015
Nature // 

The tiny penguin chick Curry (named after Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry) was ready for the spotlight. Despite a little bit of squirming in his handler, biologist Crystal Crimbchin's arms, the month-old African penguin was actually a fairly well-behaved ball of fluff for his debut on a Google Hangout earlier this afternoon. Curry is a new arrival to the California Academy of Sciences's zoo, which took the opportunity to give the public some background on Curry and other African penguins, which are endangered. You can watch the whole Hangout here, but here are some of our favorite details from the event:

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