Rachel Feltman
at 10:22 AM Mar 1 2017

Most galaxies in the universe have at least one thing in common: supermassive black holes tend to sit in their centers, silently gorging on interstellar gas and dust and obliterating anything that comes within range of their event horizon. But scientists know very little about the origin of these behemoths or how they got to be so supermassive.

Gabe Bergado
at 09:47 AM Jan 25 2014
Science // 

Stephen Hawking has a big announcement.No, it's not that aliens exist or that humans won't survive another 1,000 years on Earth. The physicist claims, in a paper posted online Wednesday, that the idea of an event horizon—the point of no return at a black hole—conflicts with quantum theory. With no event horizons, there are no black holes, according to Hawking.

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