SpaceX is known for its spaceships—from the Dragon capsule that resupplies the space station, to the proposed ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 09:30 AM Feb 26 2018

If things go as planned, 2017 will mark the year when private companies will deliver astronauts to the International ...

Sarah Fecht at 12:06 PM Sep 11 2015
Space // 

An earlier version of the Dragon capsule already proved its mettle as a cargo ship. In 2012, it became the first ...

Sophie Bushwick at 11:01 AM May 31 2014
Science // 

SpaceX tweeted this photo today showing its Dragon capsule berthed to the International Space Station. Earth is ...

Rebecca Boyle at 08:00 AM Apr 23 2013
Tech // 

Updated: One last major milestone achieved for SpaceX's Dragon capsule today: A successful splashdown and recovery. ...

Rebecca Boyle at 00:35 AM Jun 1 2012
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