Claire Maldarelli
at 11:40 AM Sep 27 2016
Science // 

Can you see Saturn's moon Pan? Its that tiny white dot left of center, within Saturn's rings. Despite its size in comparison to the planet, the moon actually plays a key role in shaping Saturn's changing rings. NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured this image on July 2 of this year from a distance of about 840,000 miles away.

Sarah Fecht
at 15:25 PM Jul 31 2015
Space // 

Enhanced-color images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have revealed long, reddish streaks across one of Saturn's moons.

Shaunacy Ferro
at 07:30 AM Aug 1 2013
Space // 

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been hanging out near Saturn since 2004, studying the planet's icy moons. In this image taken in mid-May, Mimas and Pandora, two of Saturn's 62 confirmed moons, hang out around 730,000 miles away from Cassini's narrow-angle camera.

Clay Dillow
at 05:43 AM Apr 18 2012
Space // 

The Cassini spacecraft has been busy over this past week, making close flybys of both Enceladus and and Tethys, two of Saturn's moons. And we're not using "close" as a relative term here. Cassini skimmed Enceladus in such proximity that it was literally able to taste the plume of water ice, vapour, and other organic compounds spewing from the moon's south polar region.

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