Issue #90 - May 2016

The Annual Invention Issue is here! Showcasing the most amazing, innovative and world-changing inventions we could find. From a beautiful personal plane to a tablet for the blind. Plus...

We also give the Mythbusters an exit interview, hang out with Jibo the robot companion, ask if our obsession with "natural" food is holding us back, pretend to walk on the surface of Mars, wonder why everyone is pre-ordering the Tesla Model 3, ride massive waves created by climate change, reflect on the most hyped inventions ever, and force a teddy bear to say rude words.

And we beef up the nostalgia with a detailed look at the time Robert H Goddard wrote us a column patiently explaining that his rockets would indeed work the vacuum of space. That was in September 1924, and people STILL think this is a thing...

All that and more in the May 2016 edition - on sale NOW!

BONUS! The Inventor's Handbook shows you how to take your germ of an idea all the way through to a million dollar success!*

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*Value or actuality of success not guaranteed

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