Online Pokies with High Real Money Winning Potential

The overview shows the best pokie machines with the highest average win factors in free spins. Real free spins wins of online pokie players were used for the calculation. The table shows the pokies with the highest chances of winning in the free spins and how many images were used for the analysis, and the user’s highest win.

Why should you Read this Article?

The payout ratio of pokie machines varies greatly. If you take the pokie payout odds into account when choosing your game, you can play longer or have better chances of winning in the online casino, at least in the short term. The editorial team has compared the pokie machine odds of hundreds of pokie games. A little further down on this page, we present the top 100 pokies with the best payout ratio. If you want to learn more about house edge and odds, we recommend our blog post What does RTP mean in the casino. We have also already written in detail about the differences between arcades vs. online casinos.  

Finding the Best Online Pokies for real money

Pokie machines are by far the most played games in online casinos. It is no wonder that most larger casinos have at least 100 or even more than 1000 different pokies in their range. Every month, large software manufacturers such as Betsoft or IGtech bring new pokie machines onto the market.   So the choice is abundant. Especially for Aussie newcomers, the selection is almost too large. Many casino players find it challenging to find a suitable pokie—the detailed tests offer an excellent indication of which online pokies for real money are top and which variant is less attractive. However, a not insignificant factor in choosing the right pokie is the pokie machine’s chance of winning. The chance of winning is synonymous with the payout ratio, also called the payout ratio. It, therefore, indicates how lucrative a pokie is. In this article, we want to deal with precisely this topic. We will explain the payout ratio and have identified the pokie machines with the best chance of winning. First, however, we present the list.  

How is the Payout Ratio Calculated?

First of all, we would like to define the payout ratio or win rate and explain its calculation in more detail. In English, the payout ratio is also called RTP (for “return to player”), which can be translated as “back to the player.” Therefore, the definition is as follows: The payout ratio is the percentage that the player gets back in the long term for his bets on a pokie machine.   We want to explain this to you with an example. Let’s call him Otto, who decides to play the pokie “Dead or Alive” by Netent after some research. Dead or Alive has a win rate of 97%. Otto makes a total bet of $1000. Otto bets $1 per spin. Otto now plays 1000 rounds. At the end of these 1000 rounds, his capital should be $970. He has therefore lost $30. The payout ratio can consequently also be interpreted as the house advantage. In our case, the house advantage of the casino is 3%. The 1000 rounds, therefore, cost Otto $30 and bring the casino just that amount as profit.  

Can I increase the Chance of Winning on Pokie Machines?

If you are looking for tricks to manipulate pokies to increase your chances of winning, we are sorry to disappoint you. There are many sites on the internet that promise you secret tricks. And there are many videos from arcades that show seemingly effortlessly achieved high winnings. But that is all coincidence or fake. Pokie machine games on the internet are considered tamper-proof.   Chance alone determines who wins and who loses. To avoid significant losses in the long run, however, it is all the more advisable to look at the various pokies’ payout ratios. If you only play pokies with a good RTP value, you will do better in the long run than a player who ignores the pokie machine odds in the casino. Read more about this in our blog post on pokie machine strategy.

Online Pokie Payout Ratios in Online Casinos are much Higher than those in Real Casinos

In an earlier article on our site, we already pointed out the advantages and disadvantages between online casinos and real casinos or gambling houses. One point we covered in detail there is the big difference between payout ratios in online casinos and gambling houses or real casinos. In casinos and gambling halls, the payout rate on pokie machines is only an estimated 60%. To return to our example from above, this would mean that the pokie machines in the Otto casino only pay out $600 to the player after 1000 rounds of play. He loses a whopping $400 in a gambling house, whereas he would have lost only $30 in an online casino.   These differences are primarily due to the high fixed costs incurred when operating a real casino or a gambling house. Online casinos do not have to bear a large part of these costs and therefore offer much better payout ratios. Players to whom the authentic gaming atmosphere is not particularly important should avoid pokies in gaming arcades and play exclusively in online casinos. On the other hand, those who love the feeling of pushing up the risk ladder on a classic pokie machine will perhaps attach less importance to the win rate and accept the increased loss.  

What influences the Long Run

In the long run, variance and volatility do not influence the payout ratio for the player. But on the player’s short-term probability of winning, they do. To understand this, you need to know: Variance describes the standard deviation from the expected outcome.   So if a pokie machine game has a 95% probability of paying out the player’s stake, that is only an average value. Nobody would throw a euro into a pokie machine if it were certain beforehand that exactly 95 cents would be paid out after the spin. So the result of every single game at the pokie machine deviates from the standard. This is the variance – and depending on the device, it can be higher or lower. Low variance pokie games will let you win smaller amounts more often. And in games with high variance or volatility, you lose your bet more often. But when you do best, the prize amounts are usually higher.   So pokie machine game A with high variance and pokie machine B with low volatility play entirely differently. And yet, the pokie machine chance of winning is exactly the same in both cases. But what you also have to remember is that with a high variance machine, you are more likely to go home with a win at the end of a short betting round. However, there is also a greater risk that you will lose your bet in a relatively short time. In the low volatility pokie game, the probability of winning on a single spin is greater. The results are more consistent in comparison, and you can usually play longer for the same money. But you won’t get a big hit here. Which type of pokie machine suits you better is simply a matter of taste.  

What is the Win rate for classic Online Pokies?

In Australia’s arcades, we are mainly familiar with the pokie machines from Aristocrat and Merkur, and perhaps also Bally Wulff. These three large manufacturers from the English countries have all had their pokie games converted for play in online casinos. Novomatic is called Novoline, Edict, and Reel Time Gaming ported Merkur, and Bally Wulff pokie games are available from Gamomat and Edict. We have already reported in detail the fact that these games can only be played online to a minimal extent in Australia in the news on the Novoline end and the end of Merkur real money games and also presented alternatives and insider tips.   But what about the win rate of Novoline, Merkur, and Co? It has to be said clearly: an excellent probability of winning rarely characterizes Merkur machines. Games like El Torero are indeed trendy because they are volatile and promise good individual winnings. However, only the Amazonia pokie made it into our top list with a 96.95% probability of winning.   Things look better with Novoline. With Lucky Ladies Charm, Columbus and Spectrum, several well-known Novoline games made it into the top 100. Some of the Novolines even have a win rate of more than 97%. By the way, it is no coincidence that Book of Ra is NOT on the list – which brings us to the next point:  

Watch out – the most popular pokies don’t necessarily have the best payout odds.

Those who assume that the most popular pokies in online casinos automatically also have the best chance of winning are unfortunately wrong. We can illustrate this better with a look at an example. In Australia, the pokie Lightning Link by Aristocrat is one of the most popular online pokies on the market. Nevertheless, this pokie offers a payout rate of only 94.26%. In comparison, the relatively unknown pokie Columbus, which also comes from the Novomatic software house, has a payout rate of 97.03%.   So you can see that the most popular pokies’ payout rate does not always have to be very good. Of course, we don’t want to discourage you from playing pokies that offer you the best fun. If you want to enjoy pokies for your pleasure, you can certainly accept a lower payout rate. But it’s always good to know what you’re getting into.  

Online Pokie: Steam Tower offers Top Features and Top Chances to Win

A pokie with a top rating in our pokie machine test and a maximum chance of winning is Steam Tower by NetEnt. This modern video pokie offers plenty of features and winning chances and excels at an excellent 93% in the test. And with a payout rate of 97%, it quickly makes it into our top 100 pokies with the best payout rate.  

Conclusion: What the analysis of Pokie Odds Teaches Us

One significant advantage that online casinos have over real casinos or gambling houses is the payout rate. While you get a win rate of only around 60% in gambling houses, online casinos offer to win chances of well over 90%.
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