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Apple is back at it again, ramping up its efforts to develop a self-driving car. The company has hired Dan Dodge, ...

Corey Mueller at 10:24 AM Jul 29 2016
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There's something a bit grasshopper-like about Graham. This man-sized sculpture sports a head that melds right into ...

Kate Baggaley at 10:14 AM Jul 27 2016
Cars // 

A few days after Apple reportedly pushed back the cryptic Project Titan, the company has recruited the former ...

Corey Mueller at 09:34 AM Jul 26 2016
Cars // 

Changes are afoot in Formula E, starting ...

Kristen Hall-Geisler at 12:12 PM Jul 11 2016
Cars // 

The latest burn victim in Elon's Twitter replies? Fortune's coverage of Tesla's stock after a deadly ...

Samantha Cole at 10:42 AM Jul 6 2016
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A common pitch for self-driving cars is safety benefits—a common figure is that they could save

Cars // 

First, they said electric cars didn't go far enough. Now, they reach hundreds of miles. Then, they said electric ...

Jeremy Deaton at 12:27 PM Jun 27 2016
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