Nature // 

We affectionately call them man’s best friend, and they are, in fact, humankind’s oldest “friend” in the …

Grennan Milliken at 10:59 AM Oct 20 2015

That’s the result of a study published on April 7 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Douglas Main at 09:37 AM Apr 8 2014
Science // 

Thestriped zebrafish is a popular pet, not uncommon in aquariums. But it may have a lot more in common with pet …

LindseyKratochwill at 09:12 AM Nov 16 2013
Science // 

A vaccine to treat heroin addiction has proven effective in keeping drug-addicted rats from relapsing in a preclinica…

Shaunacy Ferro at 05:45 AM May 8 2013
Science // 

In a new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mouse brain cells implanted into rats …

Shaunacy Ferro at 02:00 AM Feb 28 2013
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