Mobile // 

10 years ago on 10 January 2007, Steve Jobs dazzled the world with the very first iPhone. Despite the fact that the ...

Jason Lederman at 10:34 AM Jan 10 2017
Tech // 

Even before his death nearly two years ago, writers of all stripes began to wonder, "Who is the next Steve Jobs?" It ...

Suzanne LaBarre at 00:00 AM Aug 28 2013
Tech // 

It's the yacht that Steve Jobs commissioned before his death, and it was just unveiled in the Netherlands this week.

Miriam Kramer at 06:48 AM Oct 31 2012
Robots // 

When Steve Jobs passed away last year, a joke bounced around - not that there was anything particularly funny about ...

Clay Dillow at 03:22 AM Mar 3 2012

This morning the news came over the internet: Dennis Ritchie has died.Dr. Ritchie doesn't have the mainstream ...

Paul Adams at 09:41 AM Oct 14 2011
Tech // 

Predicting the future of technology is often a shot in the dark. But every once in awhile, the complex evolution of ...

Dan Nosowitz at 10:30 AM Oct 7 2011
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