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This week saw a resolution to the grueling legal battle between the University of California at Berkeley and the ...

Claire Maldarelli at 12:30 PM Feb 20 2017

Ever since CRISPR—the relatively cheap and easy-to-use genome editing technique—made its way to the ...

Claire Maldarelli at 11:14 AM Feb 16 2017

Genome editing company Editas Medicine plans to use CRISPR to treat an inherited eye disease, the company's ...

Alexandra Ossola at 11:01 AM Nov 6 2015
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For decades, scientists have modified plants' DNA in the lab to make the crops more appealing, or to better resist ...

Alexandra Ossola at 11:07 AM Oct 23 2015

The CRISPR genetic editing technique targets a series of repeated DNA sequences found in the genetic code of all ...

Alexandra Ossola at 11:05 AM Sep 29 2015

The advent of enzyme complex CRISPR/Cas9 has ushered in a new age of genetic manipulation—it could help us ...

Alexandra Ossola at 00:50 AM Aug 28 2015

The gene editing technique CRISPR was launched from relative public obscurity to the mainstream today when

Rebecca Harrington at 11:54 AM Jul 23 2015
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