Drones // 

Cicadas are a species most keenly felt by their absence. After years underground, their larvae crawl forth to the ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:02 AM May 19 2015
Nature // 

Well, it certainly sounds nicer than real cicadas would otherwise. To help them analyze data they had recorded about ...

Francie Diep at 09:31 AM Oct 1 2014

This northern summer, billions of cicadas will rise from under the US East Coast, shed their grub-like bodies, and ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 01:30 AM Jun 5 2013
Science // 

Think the annual dose of Black Princes or Green Grocers here in Australia is loud? At least our cicadas are more or ...

Dan Nosowitz at 00:30 AM May 24 2013
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