Super Tractor Messes with our Eyes!
Anthony Fordham
at 13:40 PM Nov 16 2012
Super Tractor Messes with our Eyes!
Tractor + turbo = awesome.

Souping up a car is no big thing. Heck, there are shops you can go to and by shiny metallic blue parts right off the shelf. Souping up a tractor on the other hand, that’s something else entirely…

Now this is our kind of project. What you’re looking at is a more-or-less ordinary tractor with a Volvo 240 (!) engine shoved in the front. It’s a turbo engine that produces rather more, well, speed than the original.

It would be interesting to know to what extent this hack/project affects the tractor’s ability to, you know, be a tractor. Lots of speed, no pulling power to speak of, we imagine.

Actually we find this video kind of odd to watch, like someone sped up the film. And there’s more than one heart-in-mouth moment where we’re sure the guy is about to flip the thing over and be horribly – but traditionally – killed.

Tractor-modding is a proud tradition of course, but those crazy machines are usually focused on raw haulage and are built low to the ground to minimise the flipping and the crushing. 

This thing is an altogether more extreme exercise, and we applaud it!

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