Is it a disco ball? A glowing hairball? An orb-like alien with tendrils?

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:14 AM Feb 4 2016

It has been generally accepted in the heady world of mathematical history that the use of geometry to calculate and ...

Grennan Milliken at 10:33 AM Feb 1 2016

It might not look like much, but this neon blob is the highest-resolution astronomical image that we have. It shows ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:37 AM Jan 28 2016

The envelope, please. There are so many great nominees, but there can only be one winner. The year with the ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 11:23 AM Jan 22 2016

Since Mauna Kea was selected as the location for the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) in 2009, the project has been ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:49 AM Dec 4 2015
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