Video: Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt Put To The Test
Lindsay Handmer
at 10:01 AM Feb 26 2015
Video: Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt Put To The Test
Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt
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Aussie start-up Threadsmiths have changed the garment world with The Cavalier - a premium white or black cotton t-shirt that uses nanotechnology to repel water and other spills with a hydrophobic coating. But how well does it really work? We raided the kitchen and tested The Cavalier with every liquid we could lay our hands on.

The premise for our tests was pretty simple - pick something that would stain nicely and pour it on our long suffering test subject. Depending on how well the liquid was repelled, we then used water only (so no scrubbing) to clean it off. We did not wash the shirts between takes, but occasionally did let them dry off a little if we got a bit too vigorous with the water.



As you can see, the t-shirts performed admirably. After all our tests there was no staining at all, which was pretty impressive. Some substances, such as mustard and other sauces took a bit more water to wash off, but no scrubbing was needed. It’s worth noting that while water mostly bounces off, if you try hard enough it does soak in and other liquids tend to stick rather than run off. 

No special treatment is needed for washing either - you can chuck it in with your other clothes. Threadsmiths say the hydrophobic qualities last around 80 washes and suggest you tumble dry it every 3 washes to keep it in tip top condition. No surprisingly, the Threadsmiths boffins are pretty proud of their acheivement. 


Threadsmiths is a clothing technology company pioneering a new era of everyday performance apparel. We believe that we can create better apparel solutions by leveraging technology, fashion and design.


The Cavalier comes in men’s and women’s style and there is a kid’s version coming soon. It’s not exactly cheap for a t-shirt at $70, but if you spill food on yourself as much as we do then it’s a solid investment.

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