Energy // 

The term "suitcase nuke" hasn't enjoyed a particularly popular connotation in recent years, but researchers ...

Clay Dillow at 04:00 AM Aug 31 2011
Science // 

Anyone who has ever had a stomach bug knows it can really subdue your spirits as well as your appetite. But other ...

Rebecca Boyle at 00:58 AM Aug 31 2011
Science // 

In 2009, we heard the wonderful news that scientists at Holland's Eindhoven University of Technology had successfully...

Paul Adams at 00:00 AM Aug 31 2011

A new heat-sensitive gel and glue combo is a major step forward for cardiovascular surgery, enabling blood vessels ...

Rebecca Boyle at 06:27 AM Aug 30 2011
Science // 

Next time you take your temperature, maybe think twice about its accuracy. Despite what the mercury says, not all of ...

Rebecca Boyle at 06:12 AM Aug 30 2011
Science // 

This pointy-nosed shrew, a new fossil find from China, may be the earliest grandmother of all placental mammals, ...

Rebecca Boyle at 07:45 AM Aug 27 2011
Science // 

Doctors whose bodies are regularly exposed to x-rays may be adapting at the cellular level to protect themselves ...

Rebecca Boyle at 03:47 AM Aug 27 2011
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