Underwater Robot Surprised By Sperm Whale [Video]
Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:56 AM Apr 17 2015
Underwater Robot Surprised By Sperm Whale [Video]
Hercules ROV Sees A Sperm Whale
Screenshot by author, from YouTube
Nature // 

Don't call it Ishmael; the remotely operated underwater vehicle is named Hercules. Used by the Nautilus Live expedition to explore the depths of the sea, Hercules is one of a pair of robots live-streaming the depths of the ocean. Yesterday, south of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico and at a depth of almost 2000 feet, Hercules (and anyone lucky enough to be watching the live stream at the time) caught something extraordinary on camera: a sperm whale.

Watch the rendezvous below:


Encounters between ROVs and sperm whales are incredibly rare, the Nautilus researchers note, particularly at such relatively shallow depths.

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