Deception detection meets artificial intelligence.

Rob Verger at 11:36 AM Nov 6 2018

Apps and software that aim to help you feel better.

Rob Verger at 09:22 AM Oct 23 2018

When does a scientist's work deserve its own Wikipedia page, and when does the scientist themselves deserve a ...

Rob Verger at 17:00 PM Aug 8 2018

Google Duplex is slowing rolling out.

Rob Verger at 09:39 AM Jun 28 2018

Consider the job of an intelligence analyst—someone who has to sift through vast amounts of information and ...

Rob Verger at 11:54 AM Oct 25 2017

Every year at its Max conference, Adobe gives "sneak peeks" at new tech that will one day make its way into apps ...

Stan Horaczek at 10:57 AM Oct 23 2017

Spend enough time on Facebook, and you'll likely encounter a post written in a tongue that's foreign to you. That's ...

Rob Verger at 12:59 PM Aug 4 2017
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