Energy // 

Every year, about 15 million pounds of alligator fat is dumped into landfills as a byproduct of alligator meat …

Staff Writers at 07:18 AM Aug 18 2011
Science // 

In the future, all your government mail – jury duty slips, election notices, those Social Security earnings …

Staff Writers at 05:33 AM Aug 18 2011
Make // 

It’s become a refrain in this age of 24-hour news stations, media-starved talking heads, and hundreds of channels of …

Staff Writers at 04:30 AM Aug 18 2011
Cars // 

A German car nicknamed “heavy drinker” or “boozer” has set a new record for electric vehicle stamina: 1631.5 km on a …

Staff Writers at 03:17 AM Aug 18 2011
Space // 

A little less than six months after the final space shuttle launch, a private space company will launch a rocket …

Rebecca Boyle at 01:56 AM Aug 18 2011
Tech // 

A new type of acoustic cloak would allow soundwaves to travel around an object unimpeded, and could be used to build …

Rebecca Boyle at 00:57 AM Aug 18 2011
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