Seth Fletcher
at 16:00 PM Jan 24 2012
The cloud of doom that hovered over the last several North American International Auto Shows is finally gone. Detroit’s Cobo Hall was a busy place this week, as the world’s automakers unveiled an inspired crop of attractive sedans (many of them hybrids, and some with a plug), sports cars, and concepts. Here’s a look at the highlights.
Dan Nosowitz
at 14:31 PM Jan 23 2012
The internet is not going to take the possible passing of SOPA and PIPA lying down. As a protest, Wednesday was the day of the SOPA Blackout, in which many of the sites and services we use every day took a stand–and went black, just as they might be legally forced to do if these bills pass. You know about Wikipedia, sure. But there were lots of other protests going on around the web (and, apparently, in real life), and some of them were really quite interesting and creative. We round up some of
Claire Benoist
at 14:02 PM Nov 28 2011
We’ve searched far and wide to bring you a dozen of the best new ideas in gear. These gadgets are the first, the best and the latest. Check out the gallery below to get the first look at what new consumer technology has been brought out this month.
Nick Gilbert
at 13:02 PM Oct 31 2011
Without question, Alexander Graham Bell’s master invention changed our lives and revolutionised the way we communicate. But science is never satisfied, and so we began a steady stream of improvements to the telephone that took it from rotary dials and operators to the unique problems of auto(in)correct and Siri’s witty retorts. Today, we take a look back at the ever-evolving history of the telephone.
Danika Wilkinson
at 17:20 PM Oct 26 2011
With its unearthly rock formations, layered stromatolites, and picturesque red sand, the Pilbara, in the West Australian outback, greatly resembles the surface of Mars. This year, a team of researchers from NASA, along with the Australian Mars Society, tested out the efficiency of Spacesuits in the area. On the expedition was American Matthew Reyes, whose photography not only captures the mission – but the beauty of our country. For more, see this month’s issue of PopSci where Matthew’s pictures
James Bullen
at 15:09 PM Oct 20 2011
Have a look at these photos taken from the International Space Station over the past few years. There’s mountains, southern lights, tropical storms and spaceships. Do I need to sell it any more? All photos in this set were taken by astronauts aboard the ISS through the Crew Earth Observations program, aiming to serve as a record of our change and development on Earth. Everyone told you not to look down on yourself – but trust me, it’s really quite interesting.
Danika Wilkinson
at 13:42 PM Oct 12 2011
We’ve had a lot of scientific theories in our time – some revolutionary, and some not so much. The greatest breakthroughs in history are often celebrated, but we’d like to take some time to recognise those that didn’t quite make the cut. Move over Charles Darwin, this is the evolution of crazy.
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