Space // 

In less than two years, the New Horizons space probe is going to go whizzing by an object a billion miles further …

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:00 AM Aug 8 2017
Space // 

Picture Jupiter, the gas giant. Now inflate it to over five times its size. Throw in a sun close enough that it can …

Aparna Nathan at 12:59 PM Aug 4 2017
Space // 

I did not throw up. When I tell people that I’ve ridden in a zero-g plane, invariably they ask, propriety be damned, …

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 12:59 PM Aug 4 2017
Space // 

Defending Earth from aliens sounds like a big job, but the bigger one is actually defending alien life from us. The …

Sara Chodosh at 12:59 PM Aug 4 2017

If humans are ever really going to make it to Mars, we’re going to need a bigger boat. Today’s spaceships are built …

Sarah Fecht at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017

NASA is forever linked to space, a plucky government agency bravely hurtling people and robots into the great …

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017
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