Flowers from the Ganjoji “space tree” also look a bit different, containing five petals, as opposed to about 30 …

Douglas Main at 09:56 AM Apr 15 2014

This latest design for growing vegetables in space is a bit prettier than its predecessors. This is a collapsible …

Francie Diep at 09:13 AM Apr 14 2014

Today, Bonhams auctions more than 300 pieces of space memorabilia. We have our eyes on these items:

Jia You at 07:47 AM Apr 9 2014
Space // 

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, probably the most famous and beloved astronaut since Apollo 11 and certainly the …

Dan Nosowitz at 08:08 AM Jun 11 2013
Space // 

Space Odyssey 2.0, a collaborative art installation opening this month in Belgium at art house Z33, asks some big …

Colin Lecher at 06:00 AM Feb 7 2013
Space // 

The problems surrounding sending the first humans into space were mainly technical – how to build a rocket that …

James Bullen at 10:46 AM Mar 14 2012
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