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Vitamins seem something you can’t have too much of. Like too much ice cream on a sticky summer day—sure, you …

Sara Chodosh at 12:34 PM Jun 23 2017
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On a recent Sunday morning, 93-year-old Bernie Fowler laced up his white sneakers and waded into Maryland’s Patuxent …

Marlene Cimons at 09:30 AM Jun 17 2017
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Researchers at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center used motion sensing technology to study how compression …

Claire Maldarelli at 09:29 AM Jun 5 2017
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Katherine Schreiber and Leslie Sim are experts on exercise addiction who believe that tech advances encourage …

Adam Alter at 09:58 AM Mar 23 2017
Fitness // 

Exercise is hard. That should go without saying, but it’s worth acknowledging. It’s difficult enough to instill a …

Sara Chodosh at 08:56 AM Mar 17 2017
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The Nima device with a capsule inserted at the top, alongside a view from the app showing a crowd-sourced map

Sara Chodosh at 11:28 AM Feb 1 2017
Fitness // 

Today, Google announced a plethora of new hardware. Just now, at the event, I got to spend a little bit of hands-on …

Brent Rose at 08:57 AM Oct 5 2016
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