Dan Nosowitz
at 12:17 PM Apr 23 2012
In this week’s roundup, we say goodbye to the space shuttle Discovery, hello to a bright purple crab, “yes please” to laser-cut nori, and “God – get that thing away from me” to an orb-weaver spider. More amazing images from the past week in the gallery below.
Dan Nosowitz
at 14:10 PM Apr 16 2012
This week in images: beautiful pictures from space – and a picture of a rocket that didn’t quite make it. Snail therapy. Robots made from vacuum cleaners. A tiny ancient mammoth. And an image from Mapping Wikipedia, which tracks who’s making edits (and in which language) to Wikipedia across the globe. Click through, look, enjoy, wonder.
Dan Nosowitz
at 11:38 AM Mar 26 2012
Good stuff this week! There’s a baby elephant face-planting into a beach, there’s a 3D printable set of connectors that’ll connect Lego to K’Nex (or any combination of childhood building toys), there’s a tray full of eyeballs, and, as always, pretty space pics. Enjoy your weekend!
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:11 AM Mar 19 2012
It’s a bit of a gloomy March day outside, but this week’s image roundup is a particularly cheerful one. Look at that colourful, wet little guy up top! Also this week: Japanese tourists try to drive to an Australian island without the benefit of a bridge or tunnel and get stuck in the mud, a man buys an iPad and is applauded for his initiative, and the phrase “hot defensive bee ball” is accompanied by an image that will haunt us at least until next week. Enjoy the weekend!
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:54 AM Mar 7 2012
This week’s image roundup includes laser rainbows, cars exploding, a bat with the weirdest nose we have ever seen on an animal we didn’t drunkenly draw ourselves as part of a board game, edible silk, and a gigantic moth. Enjoy!
Nick Gilbert
at 11:52 AM Feb 27 2012
To get into space, we have to practice at home. That’s the idea behind NASA’s Earth Analogs program, which tests people, ideas and technology at a variety of inhospitable places around the world. Finding places on Earth with physical similarities to space sites isn’t easy – but the space agency has located desert, volcanic, arctic, lake and ocean locations for testing all manner of things.
Rose Pastore
at 15:37 PM Feb 20 2012
As videogame designers rush forward in their perpetual quest to revolutionise the gaming experience, perhaps the most astounding achievement is just how far we’ve come in one lifetime. Modern videogames are nearly unrecognisable compared to the early days of simple flashing lights and monotonous beeping. Here are 10 electronic games from the not-too-distant past, including Pong, Nintendo’s short-lived Virtual Boy and the awkward beginnings of online multiplayer. Whether the goal is paddling a ti
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