Remember that Hyperloop Pod Racing competition we mentioned in June? Yeah, that’s still happening.

Mary Beth Griggs at 16:39 PM Aug 21 2015

This giant blob of star stuff looks like it floated off the end of a bubble wand, or at least

Time is a valuable commodity for humans. We like our news up to the minute and our technology up-to-date. But when …

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:41 AM Mar 16 2015

With the specter of rising sea levels threatening many metropolises worldwide, cities are starting to rethink what …

Mary Beth Griggs at 08:58 AM Nov 6 2014

In the July 1963 issue of Popular Science, we detailed the work of Jacques Cousteau, an oceanographer …

Sarah Fecht at 09:17 AM Nov 4 2014

Mention time travel at a nerd party, and other guests will immediately respond with a grim conundrum: What …

Kelsey D. Atherton at 10:02 AM Sep 11 2014
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