Ashley Wright
at 14:44 PM May 30 2012
The accounts of Marco Polo narrate his journeys to unbelievable cities, yet in the 21st century our lives depend on technology that began as the fantasy of yesteryear. The idea behind Arcology (the word is a fusion of architecture and ecology) is to create self-sustaining hyperstructures that are capable of housing entire societies – cities in a single building. Architect Paolo Soleri came up with the concept in the 1970s, so how is Arcology relevant today?
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:39 AM May 28 2012
Just like a great dish, this week’s Images of the Week roundup includes a delicate balance of all things we love: amazing space pics, adorable animals, beautiful design concepts, and a dude free-falling into a giant pile of boxes. Enjoy!
Dan Nosowitz
at 06:28 AM May 19 2012
Got a space-heavy lineup for you guys this week, looking forward to the SpaceX launch this weekend: a Soyuz rocket launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, a time-lapsed photo taken from the ISS, a roving space shuttle cafe that looks like an actual space shuttle, and more. Enjoy!
Julie Beck
at 11:33 AM May 16 2012
Despite having a readership made up mostly of men, Popular Sciences of old knew their way around a beauty parlor. Especially from the 20s to the 40s, PopSci offered makeup tips and advice to female readers, saying in effect “Look! We’ve got incredibly detailed cutaways of how things work AND beauty knowhow! What more could you want?”
Julie Beck
at 11:30 AM May 14 2012
When scientists take a break from studying, researching or inventing to devise a practical joke, the stakes are sky-high, sometimes literally. Who else can dangle a car off a bridge, or pull out a monster mask on a space station? A look into our archives finds an abundance of wild prankery.
Dan Nosowitz
at 10:33 AM May 14 2012
This week, we have beautiful jewel caterpillars that look like they were sculpted out of slick crystal, a massive architectural concept inspired by Twitter, artist’s concepts of super Earths and black holes, but really, it’s all about our little friend above. A mere few days old, this baby elephant still lacks a name. We left our suggestions in the gallery, but welcome yours!
Dan Nosowitz
at 15:01 PM May 7 2012
This week’s image roundup has a huge Tasmanian crab, a pink black hole, a monkey drinking from a straw, a catfish that detects earthquakes, and a curious item that washed all the way across the Pacific during the Japanese tsunami. It is a good one! Read it and look at it!
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